Ink Machines RPS-600 Wireless Power Supply with 2 Power Packs

Ink Machines RPS-600 Wireless Power Supply with 2 Power Packs

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*We currently have a shop demo model of this kit that has been opened and used a few times, still in good condition, $350 less than new price.

The RPS-600 wireless power supply is a system designed for tattooing without cords attached to the tattoo machines or the foot switch. Powerpacks are made with leading edge battery technology weighing only 65 grams designed not to interfere with the hand more than the machine normally does. Once the machines are rigged with Powerpacks the main unit will sense which machine is picked up and recall the settings for that machine. High capacity batteries allows aprox 5 hours of effective running time and charging takes about one hour.

Communications between the units are by radio for optimal reliability and performance. To make the system complete we incorporated functions like Kickstart and Boost mode. Kick start allows the machines to start easy and run at low voltage. Boost mode actively controls the voltage to maintain the same speed during various loads and increases the machine power significantly. In short the RPS-600 is a complete system to control and combine your tattoo machines whether it’s a Dragonfly, Stingray or a coil machine. The RPS-600 can handle up to 6 machines with wireless Powerpacks.

* Effective running time means the actual time the machine is running in air and skin during a typical session.

Package Includes:

1 RPS-600 main unit

1 WFS Wireless foot switch

2 Powerpacks

1 Power adapter 24V including power cord

1 USB cable

1 Custom fitted plastic case

  • Wireless Powerpacks (battery packs) for Dragonfly and Stingray
  • Fits all existing original Dragonfly and Stingray machines
  • Wireless foot switch with long life battery and magnetic switch
  • Hygienic and ergonomic, no cable to machines and no brackets needed for the main unit
  • Large LCD display with easy to use UI (user interface)
  • High capacity batteries to handle the most demanding sessions
  • Activate by shaking (tilting) the machine. Powerpacks recalls settings
  • Handles up to 6 Powerpacks (wireless machines) + cable machine(s)
  • Built in kick start ensures startup at low voltage
  • Boost mode = more power and torque when needed
  • Runs regular coil and rotary machines with cord
  • Easy to encapsulate machines and Powerpacks in plastic bags
  • USB connection for future software upgrades

Output Wireless: 5-13V

Output Cable: 4-18V

Compatibility by cable: Various machines and foot switches

Connections: ¼ phono (6.35mm)

LCD display: 2.7” 60x33mm

Powerpack Weight: 65g

Powerpack Capacity: Approx 5 hours each

Powerpack Battery life: Approx 500 charging cycles

Powerpack compatibility: Dragonfly / Stingray

Powerpack Charging: Approx 1 hour

Footswitch: Wireless included

USB: YES (Only for software upgrades)

Operating temp: 10-35 ̊C Indoor use only

Input Power: 100-240V 50-60Hz


Made In Sweden