Dragonfly Part 41B - X2 Eccenter Assembly

Dragonfly Part 41B - X2 Eccenter Assembly

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Fits all Dragonfly machines. Pre-set to stroke length of 2.6mm, 3.7mm or 4.5mm.

Can also be adjusted from 2.6 to 4.5mm.

Note that you will also need circlip pliers to replace this assembly.

Use the circlip pliers to remove the circlip and push out the connecting pin. Loosen the excenter from the motor shaft with a 0.9mm allen key. There are two screws on the standard excenter, one for the motor shaft and one for the bearing shaft. You only need to use the one for the motor shaft. Install the new assembly on the motor shaft and make sure that the screw ends up on the flat part of the shaft and tighten it securely. Check that the connecting rod aligns properly with the groove in the piston. This is important, if it does not align correctly it will not run properly and you might have to readjust the location of the motor. In that case please refer to the manual or send for service. If ok, align the upper bearing with the hole in the piston and insert the connecting pin then install the circlip.