Dynamic - Greywash Set

Dynamic - Greywash Set

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#20 - a thin wash and lightest of the set.
#40 - a smooth light-mid tone wash.
#60 - a deep and silky true medium toned wash.
#80 - the darkest of the set, a deep and full-bodied wash.

After years and years of you asking, Dynamic have finally produced a Grey Wash Set blended from their tried & true original black formula. The specific formulas come from countless tests and years of polling black and grey specific artists to gather a commonality in ratios for the perfect 4 bottle set. They use the purest hospital-grade water, which is filtered, distilled and UV sterilized in their facility, to ensure the #00 Mixing Solution in their washes is at the utmost purity and held to the highest standard. The addition of witch hazel to this solution not only adds a visible smoothness to your work but also brings a soothing quality and feeling to your clients.

4oz bottles.