Axys Valhalla PMU
Axys Valhalla PMU
Axys Valhalla PMU
Axys Valhalla PMU
Axys Valhalla PMU
Axys Valhalla PMU
Axys Valhalla PMU
Axys Valhalla PMU

Axys Valhalla PMU

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Important: Please be aware that all warranty issues are handled exclusively by Axys and this may require that the machine be returned by the buyer to Axys in the US. For information about this process see the Axys contact and repair page
Every Axys Machine is warrantied for 1 year after the date of its sale. Warranty covers any mechanical failure due to manufacturing defects.

All those times you had to set up multiple machines…
All those times you had only one, but you worked hard to make it work anyway.
Those times are behind you now, because the Axys Valhalla does everything that every machine before it ever could, without tools or needing to stop mid-tattoo to make adjustments. It’s the first machine in the world to offer this kind of power.

This isn’t just another pen with a spinning grip. You not only adjust needle protrusion with the Valhalla’s grip, but the stroke options allow you to choose your hit. Whatever you need to do: lining, packing, coloring, blending, shading, its all there at your fingertips, 5 strokes in 1.

  • 2.5mm
  • 2.9mm
  • 3.4mm
  • 3.8mm
  • 4.2mm

Features and Specs:

  • Driven by a 10 watt, high-torque, Swiss made, Maxon precision motor.
  • Fully American manufactured and assembled.
  • Constructed of 6061-T6 aluminium, finished in Mil Spec Type II anodizing.
  • American made Main Bearing.
  • 5 strokes in one machine, changeable on the fly.
  • Primary range of 5 volts to 14 volts (motor will start and run down to 3v).
  • Lubricated for life.
  • No need for maintenance.
  • Uses RCA connection (**does not come with cord**).