Brow Daddy Brow Lift Kit
Brow Daddy Brow Lift Kit
Brow Daddy Brow Lift Kit
Brow Daddy Brow Lift Kit
Brow Daddy Brow Lift Kit
Brow Daddy Brow Lift Kit
Brow Daddy Brow Lift Kit
Brow Daddy Brow Lift Kit

Brow Daddy Brow Lift Kit

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Brow lamination is the latest big thing in salon services right now.
Similar to a brow perm or a lash lift, brow lamination (also known as a brow lift) involves straightening the brow hairs with a chemical solution. The result is a full and feathery eyebrow, similar to what is achieved by microblading but without any needles.

Get ready to turn those sad brows into happy brows.

Transform your client's brows within just minutes. Also known as brow lamination, the Brow Daddy Brow Lift gives brows up to a 300% fuller effect.

Brow Daddy worked hard to develop and perfect the new and exclusive formula, and now proudly presents:

3 x 15ml Bottles.
3 Step Treatment: Lift, Set, Nourish.
Detailed instructions included.

Each brow lift kit provides up to 35 treatments.

Apply solution onto the brows. If the client has thick/coarse hair, then you may cover with a plastic wrap. Do not cover if the client has thin or normal brow hair. Processing time is 8 to 9 minutes or 10 minutes for very thick/coarse brow hair. Do not leave on longer than the recommended time. Remove the solution with a damp cotton round (don't fully wet it).

2. SET
Apply solution and leave it on for 7 minutes. Wipe off any remaining solution.

Apply solution, brushing in the desired direction. Do not wipe off. Leave the solution on the client's skin and have them avoid any contact with water, makeup, or lotions on the brow area for 24 hours after the treatment.

Before storing away, make sure to plug the tiny insert back into the dispensing hole to keep the bottle airtight, which helps to preserve the formula.

Always patch test before using. Do not use if any adverse reactions occur which can take between 24 - 72 hours. Avoid contact with eyes, if contact happens then immediately flush eyes with room temperature water for at least ten minutes. Do not wax, tweeze, or exfoliate the eyebrow area before the treatment, and be sure to use different brushes for each solution.