Inkjecta Eclipse
Inkjecta Eclipse
Inkjecta Eclipse
Inkjecta Eclipse
Inkjecta Eclipse
Inkjecta Eclipse
Inkjecta Eclipse
Inkjecta Eclipse

Inkjecta Eclipse

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Important: Please be aware that all warranty issues are handled exclusively by Inkjecta and this may require that the machine be returned by the buyer to Inkjecta in South Australia. For information about this process see the Inkjecta support page
Inkjecta offers a global manufacturer's warranty for 12 months from the date of purchase against machine faults.

Not just another rotary machine, the Inkjecta Eclipse is here to shake things up!
We would not hesitate to say that the Eclipse is the most powerful lightweight rotary tattoo machine on the market, with the smoothest and most consistent delivery.
Designed with traditional needles in mind , the Eclipse will drive a 45 mag or single-pass all of your bold lining without breaking a sweat.
Each Eclipse is hand built by Inkjecta's small team of builders in Australia, each slide hand matched to each frame, each machine painstakingly tested to ensure the highest quality for artists.


  • Rated 4.5v to 18v
  • Weighs 69 Grams/2.4 Ounces
  • Custom designed nanotechnology motor
  • Interchangeable & Adjustable Flex Pin for adjusting give, allowing for almost endless give adjustment.
  • Bar stabiliser with its own adjustable give mechanism.
  • Interchangeable Cams for adjusting stroke length
  • Hand-Matched Medical Grade Slide
  • Twin-Spring Vice Grip Lock (works with pretty much any cart grip or needle tube)
  • Compatible with cartridge needles with the appropriate cart grip with push bar.
  • Aerospace Billet Alloy primary frame with an injection moulded fibre motor housing.
  • 3.25mm Stainless Steel Cam (other options available separately)
  • Medium, and Rigid Torsion Flex Bars (other options available separately)
  • Super-Lube
  • Custom Inkjecta Magnetic Allen Key Driver and Keys
  • Gold Embossed Inkjecta Card (just for props)