Madluvv White Practice Skin

Madluvv White Practice Skin

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Practising on practice skin is essential for PMU artists of any level to improve. Now practice is more realistic and Instagram worthy than ever with Madluvv's white Practice Skin.

This double sided practice skin allows you to practice your microblading hair-strokes and depth until you have the perfect technique.

This practice skin has the most realistic human skin consistency, which is great for practice and is amazing for learning how to hold all microblading tools and needles, practising pressure, depth, consistency, creating and perfecting the hairstroke pattern and so much more.

This practice skin can be used with all your microblading tools (including machine and manual tools) and colours.

  • Skin-like quality and consistency
  • Made from quality silicon
  • Durable and reusable
  • Double sided
  • Flexible enough to be wrapped around the object giving it the contour your desire (great to wrap around practice mannequin head etc.)

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