Perma Blend - Jet Set #cleoroyal_blk

Perma Blend - Jet Set #cleoroyal_blk

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Alexander Sivak is a universally recognised author, permanent makeup specialist, instructor, and owner of TAT PM. He's inspired by helping others and sharing his life experiences that have shaped his work ethic and eye of detail. With over two decades worth of experience and hands-on knowledge in pigmenting, permanent makeup, tricopigmentation, areola restoration, and scar tissue camouflage.

#cleoroyal_blk (neutral) - is a very rich black pigment for the eyes. It is recommended to use it in its pure form. When applied superficially, it creates a velvet effect. By adding #niceone_mixsol (thinner) in various proportions, translucent shadow effects can be attained.

1/2oz bottle.