Welker El Camino Shader
Welker El Camino Shader
Welker El Camino Shader
Welker El Camino Shader

Welker El Camino Shader

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The Welker El Camino Shader is solid, well-engineered machine. True tattoo artists’ love the smooth performance. The El Camino is an excellent all-around shader and appreciated for packing color. Welker is a recognized leader in the tattoo industry. Here are some the special features and industry innovations on the El Camino shader:
  • The El Camino frame is precision, CNC machined from a single piece of 1018 cold-rolled steel
  • The frame, armature bar and coil core are full vacuum annealed to increase power and reduce magnetic memory. This is an additional process unique to Welker machines
  • Fitted with the Welker Quick-Release vise
  • The Welker Impact Dampener produces a quieter, smoother running machine
  • Wear-resistant black oxide finish on frame
  • Solid brass binding post and contact screw
  • Includes standard clip cord connection but a RCA set-up can be requested if preferred
  • Medium running speed with a long throw and hard hit
  • Ideal for 5’s - 13’s needles
  • 1 inch, 10 wrap black coils with a 47uf capacitor
  • Shader machines: 0.18 front spring and rear spring
  • Color machines: 0.18 front spring, 0.20 rear spring
  • Free running speed: 110-115 CPS|Hz
  • Weight: 7.6 oz.
  • Frame carries a lifetime warranty to original owner 

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