Bishop x Critical Power Wand Full Set
Bishop x Critical Power Wand Full Set
Bishop x Critical Power Wand Full Set
Bishop x Critical Power Wand Full Set
Bishop x Critical Power Wand Full Set
Bishop x Critical Power Wand Full Set

Bishop x Critical Power Wand Full Set

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Contains everything you need for the ultimate wireless experience in-house and on the go - offered in Liner, Packer or Shader options.

  • The Wand you already know and love – with a new magnetic backplate that allows the Bishop x Critical batteries to sit flush on the machine.
  • When used with the Shorty battery, the Power Wand is only 4.4” and 5.2oz - the lightest set up on the market currently!
  • Compatible with all Critical Connect firmware and hardware - including the Critical Connect Footswitch.
  • The magnetic connection allows for a 360 degree positioning of the battery and allows for an easy, quick swap if your battery needs to be changed.
  • The full set comes with 1 Power Wand, 1 Power Wand Battery Pack (1500 mAh), 1 Power Wand Shorty Battery Pack (800mAh), 1 Power Wand RCA Adapter, one 7ft RCA Cord (Grey), 1 Critical Universal Battery Dock (2 battery slots), and 1 6ft Charging Cord for the dock.
  • A note regarding the readout on these batteries: if you see the battery percentage fluctuating, the battery is calibrating to provide you with the most accurate battery life read-out and has no effect on the functionality and run time of your battery/machine.
  • Tier 1 grade battery used to make this power pack.
  • After powering on, initial battery life display will take approximately 5 seconds to calibrate to an accurate read-out.
  • You may notice the battery life adjust (increases or drops) between activation and pauses during sessions – this is because the battery calibration is reflecting the device’s current usage scenario.
  • Note the percentage difference may be more noticeable on the Shorty batteries due to the smaller battery capacity.
Warranty Information:
Bishop Tattoo Supply offers a one year manufacturers’ warranty for all tattoo machines and products that they make. Their machines are handmade in the USA using both domestically machine parts and high-quality international motors – they warranty their machine parts for the original owner. The warranty is for a year from the date of purchase. For machines, the warranty covers manufacturers’ defects – it is voided if you overlubricate or drop your machine or use your machine in a function it’s not intended for. It’s also voided if you use non-authorized parts or attempt to open the motor yourself. For non-machine items, please contact the Bishop team as they handle this on a case-by-case basis.
If your machine has issues within one year from the date of purchase, send the tattoo machine along with your receipt following the instructions here: REPAIRS and they will fix or replace it as their technicians determine.
The Warranty is non-transferrable and applies only to the original owner. Bishop Tattoo Supply reserves the right to make exceptions on an individual basis.