Lauro Paolini Gabetoo Bronze Coil Liner Machine

Lauro Paolini Gabetoo Bronze Coil Liner Machine

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Years of experience and traditional craftsmanship combined with industry-leading manufacturing technology are why Lauro Paolini’s tattoo machines are considered premium tools of the trade. Paolini has been manufacturing machines in Italy since the 1990s and continues to revolutionize the industry.

The meeting between Lauro Paolini and Gabe Shum, a great Hong Kong artist, gave birth to a prestigious collaboration. While Gabe designed this machine with a hydeogram shape, Lauro decided that bronze would be the material. With copper clamps and embedded black jade in its frame, the Gabetoo Machine features a harmonious and stylish look. Limited to only 1000 units built, this special model has been presented at the Hong Kong international tattoo convention.


  • Chassis: Bronze

  • Machined from a solid piece with numerically controlled (CNC) machine tools

  • Coils: 8 Wrap plus copper wire with transparent heat shrinkable protective sheath

  • Springs: Burnished spring steel individually hand-bent

  • Clamps: Hand bent copper

  • Contact screw: Copper

  • Advised working range between 5 and 9V (with good quality power supply and amperage not lower than 2 amp)

  • Connection: Traditional clip cord

  • Advised for lines up to 14 or 18 needles