Pepax Lance - Sample Pack
Pepax Lance - Sample Pack
Pepax Lance - Sample Pack
Pepax Lance - Sample Pack
Pepax Lance - Sample Pack
Pepax Lance - Sample Pack

Pepax Lance - Sample Pack

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Pepax Lance cartridges with Japanese medical stainless steel needles.


  • Box of 10 cartridges
  • Material: medical grade PC shell - safer than PVC material. The needle is made of Japanese standard medical stainless steel, with sharp points and neatly arranged.
  • All production and assembly is carried out in the aseptic workshop, and cartridges are packaged after disinfection and sterilisation to ensure the safety of the needles.
  • The non-slip strip design on both sides is not only convenient and labour saving when changing the needle, but also helps the artist to better control the needle.
  • The back of the needle shell has a concave design which is convenient and cozy for the fingers when tattooing.
  • The shape of the needle shell is designed for a comfortable hold and the artist will not be tired after working for a long time.
  • The round liner needle adopts a funnel-shaped design, which stores more ink and creates uniform discharge, without ink jetting, for longer lines.
  • Pepax Lance cartridge needles are stable - the internal stabiliser design of the round liner needle can make the needle more stable while lining.
  • The magnum cartridge needles feature a grooved design on the back to increase the ink storage and the open tip of magnums are easy to clean.
  • The unique rubber membrane design allows it to be closer to the needle tip to increase stability and prevent the backflow of ink to better protect your machine.
  • Compatible with most tattoo machines on the market.
  • Wide range of configurations to match a variety of styles.
  • Pepax Lance cartridges are made and assembled in the most hygienic conditions - 100% sterilised by EO Gas.


  • 0803RLL, 1003RLL, 1203RLL, 0805RLL, 1005RLL, 1007RLL, 1009RLL, 1207CML, 1209CML and 1209RSL