StarBrite - Undertone Series

StarBrite - Undertone Series

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This StarBrite series was mixed by James Mullin, one of the StarBrite pro-team artists. "I came up with the Undertone Series because I wanted some colours that matched my illustrative style of art that I love to do. StarBrite already has vibrant colours but I wanted to use some more muted, and darker tones to contrast the brighter tones. So I mixed up ten new colours to do just that, I’m really happy with the outcome and I hope you are too. If you love doing bright and colourful tattoos, you’ll definitely want to add the Undertone Series to your arsenal."

Set includes Abalone, Dark Cloud, Fool's Gold, Gunmetal Blue, Gorgon, Khaki, Lite Gorgon, Lite Cloud, Smoke Ember, and Titanium Blue.

1oz bottles.

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