Clinell Universal Wipes (Hospital Grade)
Clinell Universal Wipes (Hospital Grade)
Clinell Universal Wipes (Hospital Grade)
Clinell Universal Wipes (Hospital Grade)

Clinell Universal Wipes (Hospital Grade)

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Being made available to the tattoo industry for the first time, exclusively by Brett Stewart Tattoo Supplies, these products have previously only been sold in the medical industry. Not just hospital quality - the actual product used by hospitals Australia wide. The health department will love Clinell products due to their wide usage in Australian hospitals. Clinell Universal Wipes provide a single universal product that cleans and disinfects in one easy step.

Available in:

  • Soft pack of 50 with clip.
  • Plastic tub of 100.
  • Soft pack of 200.
  • Soft pack of 100 extra large wipes - one of these wipes will do your bed, armrest, bench and trolley. Clean your entire work area to hospital standards.

Kills COVID-19 in 30 seconds

Range of Use:
Suitable for use on surfaces and non-invasive medical devices. Broad compatibility with materials used throughout healthcare environments.

Trusted Brand:
Developed by doctors, widely used in the UK and Australia. Over 412 million wipes have been sold in the last 12 months to Australian hospitals alone.

Antimicrobial Activity:
Low level instrument grade disinfectant wipes which act as both a disinfectant and detergent for surfaces. They contain a patented formula with wide spectrum antimicrobial activity, a mix of biocides with different mechanisms of action designed to prevent resistance.

Surface Compatible:
Compatible with a wide range of surfaces and equipment. Approved by leading manufacturers for equipment and surface disinfection. Clinell Universal Wipes have a near neutral pH and are alcohol free.