S8 Stencil USB Printer - Series 8
S8 Stencil USB Printer - Series 8
S8 Stencil USB Printer - Series 8
S8 Stencil USB Printer - Series 8
S8 Stencil USB Printer - Series 8
S8 Stencil USB Printer - Series 8

S8 Stencil USB Printer - Series 8

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Over the years S8 has been listening.  Your feedback has allowed us to bring you the next generation of the S8 Stencil Printer Series. The new S8 Stencil Printer | This USB tattoo stencil printer gives artists a faster and cleaner stencil print without the guesswork. The S8 Stencil Printer | Series 8 has brand new programming focused on the tattoo industry as well as upgraded hardware, resulting in high-quality prints at a faster rate. Perfect for traveling artists, or even mounting to a tattoo work station, the printer reduces the amount of space a traditional Thermofax would use. No messy inks or toners to use, only S8 or Spirit Thermal Paper, reducing the number of supplies needed. All of the amazing features make this the best thermal printer for tattoo stencils.

  • Print artwork directly from a Mac or PC via a USB-C cable
  • No inks or toners required for this USB tattoo stencil printer, meaning less mess and no extra supplies to carry around
  • Upgraded software designed to make for an easier-than-ever print!
  • This kit includes the S8 Stencil Printer | 8 Series - USB, one box of 100 count S8 Red Thermal, one 8 oz bottle of S8 Red Transfer Gel, one 2 oz tub of S8 Tattoo Gel, one 8 oz bottle of S8 Needle Cleaner, one 8 oz bottle of Red Soap, one USB-C cable, and a US style power cord
  • The best thermal printer for tattoo stencils designed for use with S8 and Sprit Thermal Paper
  • Small, compact design easily fits in your travel bag or mountable to a tattoo work station
  • Vivid, crisp images burn at 300 dpi resolution
  • Optional Li-Ion Battery enables portable, on-the-go-printing
  • Backwards compatible with all Brother PJ700 Series printer accessories (Batteries, cases, cables, etc.)


  • Print crisp, vivid images via USB cable (This model does not support wireless printing)
  • Compatible with Windows 10 or later; macOS 11 or later
  • Works with Android and Windows mobile devices that have USB-A input (Incompatible via USB with iOS devices, iPhone and iPad)
  • Recommend photo editing software, not required, to edit images before printing