Supreme Creme Tattoo Wipes

Supreme Creme Tattoo Wipes

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Supreme Creme Tattoo Wipes are specifically designed for use before, during and after the tattoo process. With added aloe vera and cucumber extract to give a gentle cleansing action - Supreme Creme Tattoo Wipes are soft and moist, so no excessive rubbing is required and they glide easily over body contours. Great for use during the healing process when you are required to work or do strenuous activity soon after being tattooed.


1. 1-2 days dry heal: Tattoo Wipes/Foam Wash/Tattoo Soap.
- Use Tattoo wipes as required throughout the day.
- Gently wipe over tattoo area to softly cleanse.
- If there is a large tattoo area also apply foam wash when needed.
- Completely remove foam wash with wipes after using.
- Great for use on the go or at work.
- Use tattoo soap or foam wash to clean tattoo while bathing.
- Gently pat dry after bathing with clean towel.

2. The next 3-6 days: Supreme Creme
- Gently apply Supreme Creme to the tattoo area in small amounts and
- gently massage into the skin.
- Apply 2-3 times daily after bathing until scab is completely removed naturally.

3. The next 2-3 weeks: Tattoo Moisturiser
- Apply tattoo moisturiser daily to the Tattoo area to keep the area from drying out.
- Can also be used as a daily moisturiser.

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