World Famous - Ilya Fom Animal Kingdom Set 1oz

World Famous - Ilya Fom Animal Kingdom Set 1oz

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Ilya Fom brings tattoos to live with accuracy and bold colours. He focuses on realism pieces, in his portfolio, you can find striking animal-inspired tattoos and other awe-inspiring work.

The animal kingdom is full of variety, you can find a similar variety is the brilliant pieces created by Ilya Fom. Ilya specialises in colour and realism tattoos and his set is design for the fiercest tattoos. Follow your animal instinct with the Animal Kingdom set.

Set includes Tucan Tangerine, Blush Viper, Amazon Leaf, Forest Fog, Poison Dart Red, Natural Pool, Jack Rabbit, Tree Frog, Bearded Dragon, Gazelle, Cheetah Skin, Safari Night, Python, Baboon Maroon, Sweet Smoke and Bark Brown.