Intenze - 19 Colour Mike Demasi Portrait Set

Intenze - 19 Colour Mike Demasi Portrait Set

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"When doing a colour portrait, people often ask 'what colour tattoo inks do you use?', not knowing that there is no such thing as a flesh tone tattoo ink colour. Flesh tones are made up of many colours and everyone's hues can be a little different. When studying the face you will notice a variety of colours: reds, greens, and even blues. So when developing this portrait set I wanted to incorporate these colours, some are bright and some are muted down. Adding this set to your existing Intenze inks allows you a perfect tattoo ink colour palette."

This set contains nineteen 1oz colours formulated to fit your needs and includes:

Black Cherry, Chestnut, Clay, Coral, Dijon, Dirty Beige, Ginger, Midnight, Mocha, Moss, Olive, Raw Umber, Raw Umber Light, Salmon, Sand, Steel, Sunset, Swamp, Yellow Orchid